Letter from the President

It’s a great day to be in the Greater Spokane Valley! 

Thank you for the warm reception and welcome over the last month as I am honored to serve as your new President & CEO at the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce! Just last week, we were proud to showcase the culmination of incredible work by this active membership and reveal our new branding and messaging – I could not be more inspired!


The Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce is a member driven organization with a very clearly defined mission: “We are in business to help you do business” – and moving forward, you can expect us to do just that!


While this mission is what drives your staff, board of directors, and your vibrant committees, it is an exciting time to also share our new vision for your Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce: “We are the unifying business force dedicated to community vitality and economic prosperity.”


I firmly believe in vision statements. They serve as the “north star” for any organization to clearly identify what inspires its work. We are committed in our daily work to ensure the Greater Spokane Valley is a great place to live, work, & play in our community, but not just today – we are moving forward as an inclusive, transparent, member-driven organization to ensure greater days for many years to come!


It has been my great honor to meet countless groups, members, and leaders in our community as I have intentionally devoted my time to listen to the needs of this community and learn how our devoted board of directors & staff can best serve you.


See the exciting slate of officers for our 2015 leadership as nominated by the board of directors today. We look forward to announcing them as our new leadership for 2015 at our Annual Meeting on November 21st!


However, to be truly prepared for 2015 we need your help.


As we prepare for our strategic planning session in November, will you take just 3 minutes to share why you are a member, what is the greatest value you receive from your membership, and what you believe is a top priority for this organization to focus on to ensure the greater days to come?




We will be pulling this information over the next two weeks and we want to ensure everyone has the chance to be heard – as we are listening.We plan to identify our top priorities and work towards identifying a few measurable goals. As each goal is achieved, another will come into its place. As a chamber, we are going to identify five goals: “The BIG 5 for the Greater Spokane Valley” – and work every day to serve you and the generations to come.Our new tagline is: “Connect. Empower. Innovate.” With your feedback, we remain committed to building relationships, providing a platform for empowerment through knowledge-sharing, and foster innovation with unique opportunities for business-to-business exchange all between our membership and the community. 

Thank you again for your continued support and warm welcome – it is truly my great pleasure and that of our entire staff to serve all of you!




Katherine Morgan

President & CEO

Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce

(509) 924-4994