The Big 5

The Greater Spokane Valley Chamber is dedicated to building and promoting collaborative partnerships that stimulate economic prosperity and serve the common good.

The BIG 5 is a community engagement effort, launched by the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce and implemented in partnership with ThoughtExchange, to identify and drive community-wide initiatives that stimulate community vitality and nurture economic prosperity for the Greater Spokane Valley region.

The BIG 5 process included three community engagement steps:

  1. First, community members in the Greater Spokane Valley were invited to participate online by responding to three questions;
  2. Then, community members in the Greater Spokane Valley ranked responses gathered in the first step through an online ranking process;
  3. And finally, key stakeholders gathered together to drill down the common themes of those responses and identify the five revealing initiatives.

Through this engaging process, 1,081 thoughts and ideas about the strengths and opportunities of the Greater Spokane Valley were shared by hundreds of business owners, workers, elected officials and citizens. Click here for the detailed results of this community engagement.

Focused on the core values and attributes that draw business and industry to our region, the BIG 5 serves as both the beacon and the compass for economic prosperity and community vitality for the Greater Spokane Valley region.


BIG 5 Initiatives