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We work to maintain and develop efficient transportation and infrastructure systems that power economic growth. Transportation is critical to our region’s business climate and economic future. As the region continues to grow, we need to accommodate the growth with projects that effectively maintain and preserve infrastructure and increase capacity. We support legislation and infrastructure objectives that increase accessibility, reliability, and safety while providing sustainable funding and local control for operations, maintenance and preservation.

Sustainable M&P Funding – we strongly support a focused effort to create sustainable funding for maintenance and preservation of our transportation infrastructure that gives local control over how the money is spent. A sustainable funding source, with local control, will allow WSDOT regions to properly maintain the current and future transportation system.

Maintain and develop efficient transportation and infrastructure systems that power economic growth.

  • Pines Road/BNSF Grade Separation Project – we support the $19.3 million funding request to construct the Pines Road Grade Separation project. Pines Road is one of the region’s key transportation corridors, carrying residential, commercial, and industrial traffic from Trent Avenue (SR 290) to I-90. This project will provide grade separation at a crossing that 60 trains travel through each day, blocking traffic movements for nearly four hours. The project also improves the intersection of two state highways, Pines Road (SR 27) and Trent Avenue (SR 290). Pines Road is the primary access to almost 230 acres of undeveloped mixed-use, commercial and industrial land. Total project cost is estimated at $29 million. Thus far, the City has secured $9.7 million and project design and right-of-way acquisition are underway. The project will be shovel ready this year.
  • Spotted Road Realignment – we support the funding request for $5 million toward the realignment of Spotted Road to mitigate safety concerns. The intersections of Spotted Road with inbound and outbound Airport Drive and westbound US Hwy 2 are areas of high incident crash rates, including fatalities. Additionally, a portion of Spotted Road is located inside the Runway Protection Zone for Runway 21 which is not compatible with FAA safety standards. Spokane International Airport is leading this $28.75 million project.
    • Advocating With Our Regional Partners – we are committed to working collaboratively with the Washington Legislature and regional partners to identify and support sustainable transportation funding sources. GSVCC would support state and regional transportation investments as part of the federal infrastructure package currently being contemplated by Congress. GSVCC will work during the 2022 Legislative Session for passage of an additive state transportation package subject to the following principles: Protects current committed funding for the region and maintains funding for its designated purpose (corridor),
    • Makes certain any state transportation spending package is reflective of the Spokane region’s proportional share and appropriate for Spokane projects and programs,
    • Reflects the work of our community partners and the Spokane Regional Transportation Council (SRTC) process, and
    • Preserves programs for targeted transportation programs and investments including Freight Mobility Strategic Investments Board (FSMIB), Transportation Improvement Board (TIB), County Road Administration Board (CRAB), and Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB).
    • Rail Extension at Spokane International Airport – we support the request for $1.7 million in state funding which adds 3,100 track feet of new track, including one rail turnout. This expansion will optimize the opportunity for multimodal freight movement in the vicinity of the Transload facility.
    • Transload Facility Connection – we support Spokane International Airport’s request for $1 million to connect the transload facility to the regional sewer system.
    • Felts Field – we support Spokane International Airport’s request for $500,000 in the capital budget to expand parking infrastructure at Felts Field.

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