The BIG 5: Greater Goods

Greater Goods

Vision: Promoting the Greater Spokane Valley as an emerging leader in high-tech manufacturing.

Strategy: With a strong manufacturing base present in the Greater Spokane Valley, this initiative supports the expansion of high-tech manufacturing through advocacy and pioneering partnerships, contributing to a sustainable economic future.

Action Items & Description:

  • Identify competitive advantages/disadvantages in the Valley and the Northwest Region
  • Expand and cultivate B2B environment in the region
  • Increase awareness and engagement in the Manufacturing Expo
  • Advocate for infrastructure needs
  • Exposure to workforce in the schools; create partnerships with schools and trade programs to provide certifications and expand the manufacturing workforce

Implementation Timeline: TBA

Current Co-Champions & Lead Partners:

  • Kevin Person, Wagstaff, Inc.
  • Brenda Grassel, Precision Cutting Technologies
  • Rick Pickel, Haskins Steel
  • Kevin Rasler, Inland Empire Paper Co.
  • Councilmember Mike Kennedy, City of Liberty Lake

Current Supporting Partners:

  • City of Spokane Valley
  • City of Liberty Lake
  • Spokane County
BIG 5 for the Greater Spokane Valley

The BIG 5 is a community engagement effort, launched by the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce to identify and drive community-wide initiatives that stimulate community vitality and nurture economic prosperity for the Greater Spokane Valley region.

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