The Valley Chamber endorses school bond and levies

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The Board of Directors of the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce has voted to approve support of our area school district levies and the Central Valley School District Bond.

Voters in the Central Valley School District have asked that overcrowding without increasing the tax rate be addressed. This would be accomplished by the Central Valley School District Construction Bond for an additional high school, as well as a new middle school, renovations at Horizon Middle School and upgrades to HVAC systems at several schools.

Freeman School District’s Replacement Education Programs and Operation Levy would pay for existing high quality programs, services and activities for students for three years. The Capital Levy for Safety, Security, Technology, and Infrastructure improvements at Freeman includes acquiring and installing security cameras, entry/access controls, classroom computers and other technology equipment, and installing a new middle school roof.

West Valley School District also has two levies on the February ballot: the Replacement School Programs and Operations Levy and a Replacement Technology, Safety, Security, and Facilities Improvement Capital Projects Levy. Although the Legislature has made changes to the way school districts are funded, levy dollars are still needed to provide basic education for students. Some of the items levy dollars pay for are textbooks and curriculum, technology, nurses, athletics, fine arts, security, STEM, and student transportation.

We have begun to gather letters of support:

I am a proud Dad to five CV graduates. My kids are grown now. However, I am voting yes to this bond for my future grandchildren, my neighbor’s children and for my community. CV and U-High will be overcapacity by nearly 1,292 students by 2021. Designed for 1,600 students each, they are currently utilizing 16 portable classrooms. Portables are costly, and they don’t provide the same security for the kids. The middle schools are also projecting overcapacity of 435 students by 2020. Overcrowding, as you can see, is a major issue. If we don’t address that issue with passing this bond, we will be doing our community a great disservice. A community is known by the schools it keeps so let’s keep growing this amazing community and vote yes on February 13th!

Barry Baker
Baker Construction & Development, Inc.


I am VOTING YES because I trust and support the thoughtful planning that CVSD has done to solve for a rapidly growing district. We are at a tipping point for our 2 high schools regarding overcrowding. Currently our two high schools are 1000 students over capacity and the influx of growth is not stopping. We must also address the safety needs of our Horizon middle school and plan for where we intend to place the 68 kindergarten classes and those students in the future. CVSD is better than portables and teachers teaching and students learning off of mobile carts. Because of CVSD’s thoughtful, patient and diligence in their planning efforts all this can be done without raising the tax rate. They have delivered on every promise and they have been good stewards with our taxpaying dollars. Now is a critical time for our district, community and students. Please join me in VOTING YES come February 13, 2018.

Marty Dickinson
Business and Community Leader
CVSD Alumni
Parent of 3 CVSD students


I’m voting YES for the excellent job of thoughtful, diligent and patient planning that  CVSD has done to solve a very over-crowded and growing district. Our two high schools are 1000 students over capacity and the numbers are not stopping. Our students and teachers deserve to get out of portables and off of mobile carts. Central Valley School District is not raising the tax rate to accomplish this Bond issue. CVSD has delivered on every promise and more from the 2015 Bond measure. This one will build the third comprehensive high school, a sixth middle school in the Telido Station area (by the HUB) and the renovation and expansion of Horizon Middle School. Now is a very critical time for our district, students and community-PLEASE JOIN ME IN VOTING YES come February 13, 2018.

Denny York
Fairmount Holdings, Inc.
Business and Community Leader
Parent of 2 CVSD past students


Education is the cornerstone of our future. I strongly support the  Central Valley bonds and the , West Valley and Freeman School Levies. We must continue to make the critical investments in our schools in order to keep our communities strong and vibrant.

Greg Repetti
MultiCare Valley Hospital


As a member of the Spokane Valley Chamber, and a long-time resident of the valley, I strongly support CVSD’s 2018 bond and I will vote YES for OUR schools.  All three of my daughters attended CVSD for their entire K-12 education.  They received great educations from Central Valley School District.  Our community is growing and even though I no longer have any kids in the school district, I realize as a business person and community advocate that we must continue to invest in our school district to keep our economy strong.  As the Valley grows we’ll be called upon to make sure we have adequate facilities to meet the demands of a growing economy.  We all work hard to build up our community so that businesses can succeed.  Frankly, for me that requires a strong commitment to education to prepare the future workforce that a thriving economy demands.

A community is known by the schools it keeps and this bond is an investment in our community’s future.  Please join me in voting yes for CV schools on 2.13.18!

Kim Pearman-Gillman
Partner & Business Development Executive, McKinstry
Co-chair Central Valley Citizens for Education Committee


As a member of the Greater Spokane region, I strongly encourage everyone to VOTE YES on the Central Valley School District Bond. As a parent, grandparent, and active business and community person, I have seen first-hand the importance education has on our youth’s future success. Schools need to be safe, functional, and be able to handle the increasing number of students that are pushing the schools beyond their capacity. The Central Valley School District has shown they are responsible and accountable with the citizen’s tax dollars. Through good stewardship and careful planning, future school projects will be done without raising the tax rate. Central Valley School District is doing their part – now it is time for us to do our part and VOTE YES on February 13, 2018.

Julie Van Wormer
Architects West


Central Valley School District has been an incredible positive example of how to provide very high quality education and to do so being great stewards of the funding that is provided. The demand for additional classroom space due to the high quality education is very apparent and the population of the Spokane Valley continues to grow. CVSD has continued to show leadership in education and good stewardship of the funds provided, and I completely support the CVSD school bond and encourage everyone to vote yes on February 13, 2018.

Gordon Hester

Kiemle Hagood

As a business and property owner for over 20 years (in the Central Valley School District), I have seen firsthand the accomplishments of what this school board and administration has done over the past few years. They have strategic plans in place to solve the current and future funding issues for K thru 12-such as overcrowding, safety and education for your children and our future workforce.

I am supporting this bond because it does not increase taxes and the Central Valley School district has used past bond funds as PROMISED. I believe that the Central Valley School District has earned the trust of this community in providing the education needed to produce some of the best and brightest students in Washington State!

Steve Florance

Inland Northwest Insurance, Inc.

Along with the role the Chamber can have in the successful passage of these items up for vote, there are several ways that individuals and businesses can play an active role and support the Spokane Valley school districts, including:

  1. Write a Letter to the Editor or personal testimonial
  2. If a business has an electronic billboard, share one and/or both of the following or similar messages:
  • Register to Vote at Spokane County/Elections to vote in all upcoming elections
  • Support our Schools. Vote YES for the Freeman and West Valley levies and Central Valley School District Bond on February 13, 2018.

3. Social Media

  • Share our posts about our local school levies and bond, as well as the CVSD Citizens for Education Bond Committee Social Media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram