The Valley Chamber is proud to honor our raving fans as Chamber Champions– those who repeatedly refer their associates by inviting them to be strategic partners with us.

A Chamber Champion is...

A valued member of the community.
A trusted resource.
A positive influence.
Community invested.
A leader in their industry.
Inclusive of others.


A Chamber Champion has been acknowledged as a valued member of our Chamber.

A Chamber Champion will receive acknowledgment at our Business Connections meeting pinning ceremony.

Chamber Champions will also receive acknowledgement in our weekly e-newsletter, on Social Media at time of pinning, and on the Chamber Champions page on the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber website.

Monthly Referral Partner

Thank you to our Monthly Referral Program Sponsor.
For each referral that joins the Valley Chamber, referring members will receive a gift from that month’s sponsor.
September’s referral partner is BECU! For each referral that joins the Chamber, the referring member will receive a PhoneSoap 3! PhoneSoap 3 was engineered to kill germs using ultraviolet light – making the world cleaner and healthier, Approx value $60.00.
Learn more at

If a member has referred 5 of more members in the current calendar year, and they have joined the Chamber, the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber is proud to honor you as a Chamber Champion, as we recognize that you have trusted us with your partners and invited them to be a strategic partner with us.

Thank you to our raving fans (1-4 referrals), on their way to becoming Chamber Champions…

Adina Stone
Andrea Wallgren
Arthur Shaw
Barry Baker
Ben Wick
Bonnie Quinn
Brian Singer
Brian Southworth
Chad Thomas
Charlie Ker
Chef Adam Hegsted
Cherne Haskel
Chris Slaubaugh
Chuck Stocker
Court Abell
Dave & Debbie Quinn
Dave Thompson
Deanna Tiemann
Denny York
Derek Toffer
Diana Wilhite
Donald Morgan
Dusty Wetzler
Erica Young
Gene Arger
Glenn Marshall
Gordon Hester
Griffin Garske
Heidi Boehl
Ian Robertson
Jeff Foster
Jeff Severs
Jesse Granado
Jim Frank
Jim Reincke
Joe Morgan
John Guarisco
John Kapelac
Kary Gibbs
Kelli Pearson
Kelly May
Kevin Riordan
Kristi Fridye
Maria Trunkenbolz
Marshon Kempf
Mary Anne Ruddis
Megan Connelly
Melanie Rose
Mia Davis
Michelle Scanlon
Mike Baker
Neil Cook
Nichole Andreasen
Noah Botnik
Pat Michielli
Phil Champlin
Rachel Napean
Rick Pickel
Ron Carpenter
Sam Nelson
Sandy Kates
Scott Kruse
Shelton Hansen
Spencer Sowl
Steve Florance
Susan Stewart-Baldwin
Tami Yager
Tara Michielli
Tara Wear
Tim Kestell
Tim Lane
Todd Hogan
Todd Kiesbuy
Todd Tuflija
Tonia Wilder
Ty Barbery
Wanda Buddrius
Wayne Frost

Want to become the next Chamber Champion?
Send your referral to