We work to create a vibrant business climate that promotes innovation and allows business to thrive. A healthy business climate is vital to ensure that our region stays competitive, sustainable and attractive to future business. We support legislation that promotes economic growth, develops a strong workforce and reduces the tax and regulatory burden.

Strategic Initiatives:

Long Term Care – we strongly support efforts to abolish or amend the Long Term Services and Support (LTSS) Act to allow employees the freedom to make the best decision for themselves and their family. At a minimum, the legislature should honor the intent of the original bill and amend the LTSS to allow for the opportunity to opt out at any point they obtain private sector insurance.

Natural Gas – we strongly support preserving natural gas as an affordable energy choice for both residential and commercial properties. As an affordable energy source, natural gas plays an integral role in maintaining the economic vitality of our local business climate, and it can facilitate a cost-effective transition to 100% clean electricity to address climate change.

Emergency Powers – we strongly support amending the current emergency powers structure to give our elected legislative representatives and general public more of a voice in policy making during an emergency declaration. Specifically, we support SB 5039 which would require a vote of the legislature after 30 days of the emergency declaration to extend the order.

Create a dynamic business climate that promotes innovation and allows business to thrive.

  • Local Economic Development Funding – we support HB 1333 which would extend the existing local sales tax credit for economic development in rural counties. The GSVCC and our regional partners will pursue an expansion of this vital program to include border counties, such as Spokane County, to provide a permanent and sustainable source of regional economic development funding.
  • Growth Management Act – we strongly support amending the GMA to address significant population fluctuations and enhance local government’s role in the GMA planning process. Amendments should account for and accommodate growth in the Spokane region. Further, we encourage the state to allocate adequate funding to local jurisdictions to effectively implement planning directives from the state.
  • Unemployment Insurance Relief – we strongly support mitigating increases on unemployment insurance (UI) premiums by paying down rate classes with state surplus funds or federal relief funds when feasible. UI costs are a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic and are a major burden for small businesses trying to recover from the economic downturn.
  • Vaccine Mandate – If vaccine rules must be adopted on the private sector, GSVCC supports adoption of the rules put forth by OSHA, and urges the state not to adopt a state plan that goes beyond the federal government’s requirements.
  • Insurance Premiums – we support the reimplementation of credit scores to be used in determining insurance premiums. The elimination of this tool, used by insurance companies, without a vote of the people’s representatives, has resulted in higher insurance premiums for many individuals at a time where the cost of living is already increasing. This puts an undue burden on Washingtonians and should be reversed.
  • Regulation & Taxation – we believe it is the free market that allows the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive, innovation to increase, and business to grow. Heavy handed government interference, increased taxes and regulations continue to hinder business growth in Washington. Reducing burdensome regulations and taxes will create a stronger and more competitive business climate.

Current Co-Champions & Lead Partners:

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Current Supporting Partners:

  • City of Spokane Valley
  • City of Liberty Lake
  • Spokane County
  • QUINN Advertising

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