We work to develop access to robust services that improve the health of our community. Expanding access to health care and the resources needed to identify and address public health issues is vital to a strong economy. We support legislation that will improve access to physical and behavioral health services and strengthen the healthcare workforce.

Develop access to robust services that improve the health of our community.

  • Nurse Licensure Compact – under the state’s emergency COVID-19 order, out-of-state licensed nurses have been allowed to practice in Washington State, and it’s time to make it permanent. GSVCC continues to support passage of SB 5247 (Sen. Padden) to include Washington State in the National Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). SB 5247 would allow nurses who are credentialed and licensed in other NLC states to practice in Washington. Passage of this legislation is a long-time GSVCC priority for our regional healthcare partners and military families.
  • Behavioral Health Workforce – we advocate to increase the behavioral health workforce by increasing funding in the Behavioral Health Loan Repayment Fund, and by signing on to a multi-state compact allowing mental health professionals to cross state lines and work in Washington.
  • Medical Residencies – we seek to work creatively with our Legislators to find different avenues of funding for Graduate Medical Education for the Greater Spokane Valley.
  • Healthcare Workforce – we strongly supports legislation that will address the need for workforce in the healthcare sector. Examples of legislation include an increase in loan repayment funding for nurses, funding for one-time grants to community colleges to expand training programs, or funding for grants to support students in continuing health care careers.

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