Devin Paine


Financial Services

Devin grew up in Walla Walla, Washington where he played soccer, ran Cross Country, played trumpet, and was a member of math and science clubs. He met his wife, Alicia, through a mutual friend during his time in California working for Intel. Devin and Alicia enjoy finding simple family adventures together along with their spunky little girl, Felicity. When Devin isn’t working or serving the Chamber, he enjoys playing with his little girl, mastering strategy games, knitting, and laughing with his wife.

Devin Paine is relatively new to Spokane Valley, having moved here two years ago. So far he has enjoyed having all four beautiful seasons and connecting with small businesses. After many years in the computer memory field, Devin decided to follow his heart for financial education. He has enjoyed the transition from learning about technology to learning about people and their passions, their families, their hearts, and how each impacts their businesses. Devin is currently a financial coach. 

Devin has enjoyed the connections he made with all types of businesses since joining GSVCC. He seeks to extend the welcoming hand of the thriving chamber community to new businesses.