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Edward Jones

My time as a teacher was always bittersweet; I taught HS math, Algebra 1 through Calculus. The students and I tackled multitudes of problems together, discussed various strategies and found the best solutions. However, preparing students for their next big step to the workforce, vocational schooling or higher education was always my favorite part. The excitement in students’ eyes and voices as we discuss their future, their opportunities and the new experiences ahead of them sparked the same joy in me. I loved it! Inevitably though, my students pursued their ambitions. I keep in touch with a few but in large, all those wonderful relationships we had built, all the time we spent together and all those terrible dad jokes they endured were gone. I loved preparing my students for their future, but I hated seeing them go.

Fortunately, I found financial advising. Most of the time, I am still a teacher. I still build wonderful relationships with those I work with. I still spend time with them and yes, I still tell dad jokes. But the best part of my job now is that I get to partner with folks through their transitions instead of watching from the sidelines as they move on. We tackle problems together. We discuss various strategies. We find the most appropriate solutions. I love being a financial advisor, a teacher and a partner. Let’s partner together and begin preparing for your future today!

When I’m not at the office, you’ll find me spending time with wife, Jessica, and our kiddos, Brayden and Charlotte. We enjoy soaking up the sun on the water as much as possible. When we’re not out at the lake, we’re up in the mountains enjoying the wilderness and cooking over the campfire. And Hoopfest; played in over 15 and counting. Safe to say, the inland Northwest has always been and always will be home.

I look forward to meeting you and learning about your hobbies, passions, family and definition of success as we build and implement a strategy unique to you.