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Events & Member Services Manager

Tim Arndt has many years of success in service operations and team leadership, driving stability within sales, new development, brand growth, and member services. He worked for 8 years at the Spokane Club where he started out as a personal trainer and then worked his way up to the membership sales manager and finally the athletic director. Prior to working at the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber, he was an account executive for Vaagen Media where he developed a full-scale sales process from prospecting to retention.

With exposure to operations leadership through many great management opportunities, leading processes, teams, and strategic change, Tim has developed a keen understanding of what it takes to run multifaceted strategies. His talents include astute negotiations, workflow development, and strategic planning as applied to product/service sales, event organization and coordination, brand marketing, team workflow management, and more. In all of his roles and endeavors, he has significantly advanced business directives no matter what industry projects he is leading or products/solutions he is selling or managing.

In his free time, Tim loves to BBQ meats, woodworking, and cheer on his beloved Green Bay Packers.