We aim to be the Champion of Local Business because the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber is here for local business…to do business.

In 2020, the Valley Chamber launched a TV branding campaign to show its support for local business.

Through this video campaign, both the Valley Chamber and its participating members were recognized as leaders in the greater Spokane community. 

This campaign came at a time when it was both critical and powerful for our local members.

In 2021, We continue this battle cry to support local commerce, backed by our values. We are on a mission.

Building relationships…

Driving collaboration…

Championing opportunity…

Is more than a slogan… it’s our mission.

In the Valley, our work continues in our local market… our main street.

In the end… our vision is to be the strongest voice.

The champion of local business in the region.

We’re your local Valley Chamber of Commerce.

And we’re inviting you to JOIN US.

…With your help, we hope to continue being the Champion of Local Business!

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