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We work to enhance our vibrant community with diverse opportunities to live, work and play. We are committed to maintaining a high quality of life for individuals and families in our area through community initiatives, as well as advocating for citizen access to housing, entertainment and a healthy environment.

Childcare – we strongly support measures that would reduce the regulatory burden on childcare providers making childcare more accessible and affordable for all families. Specifically, we support regulatory streamlining, reduction of barriers-to-entry, and increased wages for workers in the childcare industry to increase the supply of childcare facilities and choice for parents.

Enhance our vibrant community with diverse opportunities to live, work and play.

  • Criminal Justice Reform – we strongly support amendments and clarifications to several law enforcement related bills enacted during the 2021 legislative session to ensure there aren’t unintended consequences negatively impacting the delivery of law enforcement services, including the critical community caretaking function law enforcement performs to maintain public safety.
  • Police Use of Force – we advocate to authorize officers to use physical force that is objectively reasonable under the totality of the circumstances when necessary to prevent a person from fleeing a lawful detention, carry out an involuntary detention, assist in placing a youth in family initiated treatment, take a child into protective custody, carry out a law or court order to take a person into custody, and when acting in good faith pursuant to the Rescue Doctrine or an officer’s community caretaking function.
    • Police Tactics Chokeholds and Neck Restraints – HB 1054 conflicts with HB 1310 in regards to chokeholds and neck restraints. We advocate to align 1054 with 1310.
    • Vehicular Pursuits – we advocate to improve public safety by amending RCW 10.116.060 to allow for vehicular pursuits when an officer has reasonable suspicion that a person in the vehicle has committed an offense where the public safety risk of failing to apprehend the individual is greater than the public safety risk of the pursuit.
    • Decriminalization of Narcotics – we support finding a permanent solution to the Supreme Court’s Blake Decision that holds those in possession of narcotics accountable, and which would keep our community safe.
    • Personal Income Tax – we do not support a statewide tax on personal income. Any change to the tax code that seeks to make the code more fair should not include a state income tax.
    • Childcare Deregulation – we support deregulation measures that would allow childcare providers to charge private paying families less than childcare receives for subsidy.

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