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We work to support an education system that meets the workforce demands of our region. Investment in education increases the opportunities of our students and meets the needs of our business community. Developing a skilled workforce of the future depends upon a robust education system that serves students of all ages. We support a fully-funded education system with clear and challenging academic standards, expanded options that are innovative and affordable, and a system that operates with accountability, efficiency and transparency.

K-12 Education Workforce – we strongly support allowing retired school employees to work a maximum of 1080 hours per year, rather than the current 867 hours, in order to help alleviate substitute teacher shortages in our region.

Support an education system that meets the workforce demands of our region.

  • Nurses and Counselors – we support prototypical funding for nurses and counselors in K-12 schools to support our region’s students.
  • Teachers Salaries – we support implementation of a regionalization factor in determining the districts that receive an additional 6% to allocate toward salaries, to ensure competitiveness in attracting and retaining staff.

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