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Our team is focused on supporting development projects throughout the Greater Spokane Valley.


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  • We work to maintain and develop infrastructure systems that power economic growth.
  • We promote growth by supporting projects that preserve existing infrastructure and development, while strategically increasing capacity to drive economic development.
  • We support opportunities that optimize development through increased accessibility, reliability, and safety while providing sustainable funding and local control to uniquely address the needs of our communities.

2024 Legislative Priorities

Sustainable M&P Funding

We advocate for the strategic use of the state’s surplus funds to maintain and preserve our transportation infrastructure. The legislature, in collaboration with WSDOT and local authorities, should honor existing commitments to ensure the continued effectiveness and safety of our transportation network.


We support policies that promote the statewide expansion of broadband technology. By removing existing barriers, we aim to bridge the digital divide, particularly in underserved rural areas, to foster economic growth and connectivity.

I-90 from Barker to State Line

We endorse the allocation of funds for constructing a third lane on Interstate 90 from Barker to the Washington-Idaho border. This infrastructure enhancement is essential for improving traffic flow, reducing congestion, and supporting regional economic development.

Enhancing Airport Connectivity and Safety

We support initiatives to improve safety and mobility around Spokane International Airport. These efforts will facilitate industrial and commercial development, enhancing regional transportation infrastructure and economic growth.

Seeing the NSC through to Completion

We remain committed to advocating for the necessary funds to continue the construction of the North Spokane Corridor. Completing this project is crucial for enhancing regional transportation infrastructure and supporting long-term economic growth.

Advocating With Our Regional Partners

We are dedicated to collaborating with regional partners to identify and secure sustainable transportation funding sources. Our efforts focused on passing a state transportation package that protects current funding commitments, ensures proportional investment in Spokane projects, reflects the input of community partners, and preserves targeted transportation programs.

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