Government Action Program Summary – August 2018

August 14, 2018
Monday, August 13, 2018
New Champions for Business
On Monday, Michael Cathcart, Executive Director of Better Spokane, a new pro-business advocacy organization, came to give a presentation to our Government Action Committee. As it is in its infancy, the organization is primarily focused on the City of Spokane but has aspirations of getting more involved in the Valley and on the County and State levels as it continues to grow. Better Spokane has a mission of supporting the business community in the Spokane region by means of working with elected officials and pro-business organizations on drafting strong public policy and voter education. Better Spokane educates voters with candidate forums, newsletter updates, and voter guides — they also do pro-business candidate recruitment for elected offices and get-out-the-vote events.
It is an exciting time for Better Spokane as they grow. Their big project at the moment is creating an app that will allow users to track legislation at City Hall that is relevant to the business community, see a description of the legislation, and see results of the voting. Once this app gets up-and-running, they hope to expand it to cover the County, State, and smaller municipalities in our region.

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