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May 2, 2024
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Transforming Work and Life at MØDE

In what used to be the Meadowwood Technology Campus in Liberty Lake, there is a new, modern approach to working and living well called MØDE. MØDE is a co-working space that transcends traditional office environments by integrating work, education, fitness, and even healthcare into one cohesive community. Aimed at entrepreneurs, freelancers, creative minds, and every busy family in between, MØDE is what happens when connection and intentionally collide. 

Finding His MØDE

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The term MØDE, drawing from Danish roots meaning “to meet” or “gather with intention,” reflects founder Luke Kjar’s vision, inspired by his Danish heritage. MØDE is Luke’s solution to what he believes is the unraveling of our culture. “I felt like a taxi driver instead of a father driving my five kids around town to each of their after-school sports, and I was thinking, is this the American Dream?” Luke said. “It’s no wonder kids are disconnected and have a hard time learning in school. There is no time to be curious and creative.”  

In 2022, seizing an opportunity, Luke purchased the 225,000-square-foot Meadowwood building from Jim Frank of Greenstone after Providence Health and Liberty Mutual transitioned to remote work due to the pandemic. Luke then established the Liberty Launch Academy private school on the second level. “I was fed up with the education system and wanted an alternative for my kids,” Luke said. “One where kids are doing hands-on learning, or going outside in nature as opposed to being inside a classroom all day.” The Liberty Launch Academy is wrapping up its second year, but Luke’s ambitions for the building were always for more than just a school. 

MØDE is a modern village that brings work, education, leisure, healthcare, fitness, and purposeful connection together under one roof. Here, parents can send their kids to school upstairs and head to work downstairs. MØDE’s design ensures synchronized schedules across different services, so parents can attend a fitness class at LaunchMØDE Fitness or Terra Yoga while their children are occupied with after-school programs. “Parents always say they don’t have time for themselves with their kid’s schedules, so we needed to eliminate that barrier,” Luke said. “Everything is cohesive. MØDE was created to help our community thrive in every aspect of their lives.” 


After schooling the education system, Luke introduced MØDE Work, a beautifully designed co-working space that encourages interaction and collaboration. MØDE Work features dedicated workstations, 49 private offices, high-tech meeting rooms, and open spaces for workshops and community events.

For local business owners and entrepreneurs, MØDE offers an invaluable resource. “I want this to be a place where people connect and have access to a broad range of experts within a single community, not just a co-working space renting desks to people, where everybody has their head buried in their laptop. We have designed MØDE Work with the intention of creating a collaborative environment that encourages networking and hopefully leads to new business opportunities and partnerships.” 

In the future, MØDE aims to organize a range of engaging activities such as workshops, seminars, and community classes covering diverse topics. These will include master class series, networking events, and community gatherings like yoga sessions in the pavilion, farmers markets, ceramics workshops, and even date nights. These endeavors are crafted to elevate members’ abilities and spark their creativity. 

Find Your MØDE

There is no wrong way to MØDE. Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur, a freelance artist, or a business professional seeking to expand your network, MØDE provides the resources and community to help you succeed. At the heart of MØDE is a mission to bring back the essential ingredient that Luke believes we all need to thrive: purposeful interactions. It all starts with getting the right minds and resources together in one place.


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