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May 16, 2024
A smiling woman stands behind a reception desk at OsteoStrong, with a sign behind her that reads "OsteoStrong: The Ultimate Biohack." The desk has the words "Bones," "Strength," and "Balance" on the front.

Unlocking Bone Health: How OsteoStrong Promises a Stronger Future

This May, in recognition of National Osteoporosis Month, we are featuring one of our newest Valley Chamber members: OsteoStrong, which has created a revolutionary approach to improving skeletal strength.

Why it matters: Over 52 million Americans are affected by osteoporosis and low bone density. OsteoStrong offers a unique, effective solution that enhances bone density, balance, and overall physical health without the drawbacks of traditional interventions.

The OsteoStrong® Difference

With just a 10-minute weekly commitment, users see measurable improvements in bone density and muscular strength.

Painless and Non-Pharmaceutical: OsteoStrong® utilizes Osteogenic Loading, a high-intensity exercise method that stimulates bone growth and density without the pain and risks associated with conventional treatments.

How it works: Once a week, the coaches at OsteoStrong help you through a four-machine circuit that targets your upper body, lower body, core, and spine.

    • The circuit stimulates the central nervous system and triggers new bone growth.
    • Each machine also provides instant biofeedback, records your data, and sends you a progress report after the session so you can see how you are improving.

What they’re saying: “It’s very motivating for our clients to see how much progress they are making compared to when they first joined,” Jenny Green, center manager at OsteoStrong, said. “Our holistic approach not only fortifies bones but also empowers a shift towards a healthier, more active lifestyle across all ages.”

Green also highlights the broader impacts, “Because of how we’re stimulating the body, it can affect glucose levels.

    • People with type 2 diabetes can change the dosage of their medication or eliminate it altogether over time. Due to enhanced cellular activity, we see remarkable improvements in athletic performance and recovery from surgeries.”

Real Success Stories

Many of OsteoStrong’s members have reported not just improvements in their medical scans but also enhanced daily living, from easier movement to fewer aches.

    • Beyond strengthening bones, their members have seen improvements in their posture and balance and a general reduction in pain.
    • Research confirms high-impact activity’s role in bone health, positioning OsteoStrong® as a leader in non-pharmaceutical prevention.

OsteoStrong will also start offering EchoLight R.E.M.S Technology.

    • EchoLight is a radiation-free technology for assessing bone density and quality using radio frequency signals acquired during a simple ultrasound scan. It provides instant results and is FDA-cleared.

Who Can Benefit?

Green said that while most of their members are older and trying to repair previous injuries, OsteoStrong is ideal for anyone with osteopenia, osteoporosis, post-menopausal women, and individuals seeking a non-drug approach to bone health.

The big picture: As we observe National Osteoporosis Month, OsteoStrong® stands out as a beacon of innovation in preventive health care, offering a scientifically validated, holistic approach that promises a healthier, more active future for people of all ages.

Go deeper: Discover how OsteoStrong® is revolutionizing the approach to skeletal health during National Osteoporosis Month.


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