Government Action Program Summary – March 2018

April 2, 2018
Government Action Program Summary
March 12, 2018
MultiCare Valley Hospital
We are very thankful that just 4 days after a grueling session, our elected officials from the 4th Legislative District came to give our Committee a review of all their efforts in Olympia. After 5 years, the Democratic Party regained a majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, in addition to their possession of the Governor’s Mansion. Democrats seized this opportunity, transforming a short session designed to revise budgets into one that saw more bills introduced than last year’s 140-day session. Despite being in the minority, our 4th District officials helped secure provisions in the Capital Budget for Appleway Trail amenities, CHAS Dental Clinic in Spokane Valley, HUB Sports Center, and Mt. Spokane. While these appropriations were great, the biggest wins came from our elected officials winning the fight to get a Hirst Decision Fix, with SB6091 being signed into law and Gov. Inslee’s proposed Carbon Tax not reaching the floor for a vote.
Meeting Attendance: 25
April’s program will be held at Horizon Credit Union in their 2nd Floor Leadership Conference Room.

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