Government Action Program Summary – May 2018

May 16, 2018

Government Action Program Summary
May 14th, 2018
BNSF & YES! To Affordable Groceries

Our May 14th program featured a visit from the Regional VP for BNSF, Courtney Wallace, where she gave a presentation detailing BNSF operations in the region and what the future for the Sandpoint Connector at Lake Pend Oreille looks like. We also received a policy consideration request from the YES! To Affordable Groceries initiative campaign looking for support; this request is currently being voted on by Government Action Committee voting members. This initiative was created in response to the beverage/sugar taxes that were proposed in the cities of Seattle and Spokane and would preempt any local government from enacting any further taxes on grocery items, excluding alcohol and marijuana products. The YES! To Affordable Groceries campaign is seeking permission to use our logo on their website and get a few brief written support statements to use.
Thank you to Horizon Credit Union for providing the meeting space this month.

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