Government Action Program Summary – October 2018

October 9, 2018
Government Action Program Summary
Oct. 8, 2018
Spokane Homebuilders Association and the ‘No on I-1631’ Coalition
Our October 8th meeting of the Government Action Committee included policy consideration requests from the Spokane Homebuilders Association (SHBA) and the ‘No on I-1631’ coalition.

The request received from the SHBA asks for the Chamber to support condominium liability reform by means of advocacy and inclusion in the 2019 Legislative Agenda. With home ownership opportunities becoming increasingly more difficult to seize, the SHBA and its partners hope to ease the burden of condominium liability on developers to allow for more responsible regional growth and to make it easier for first-time homebuyers and those looking to downsize to have a living situation that works for them.
I-1631 is an initiative to the voters that will feature on the November ballot. This initiative, if passed, will enact further taxes on energy and gasoline to support efforts to combat climate change. The group hopes to have the Chamber join its coalition, if the request is approved.


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