August 9, 2023
Joya Conference

Avidex delivers clear AV answers to diverse client base

With a portfolio that includes over 60,000 projects in 27 countries, Avidex is recognized as a worldwide leader in audio-visual (AV) solutions. They serve government, healthcare, education, hospitality, and corporate clients with a variety of needs.

In the Inland Northwest, the company is simply known as the “go-to” for a variety of issues from A to V.

“We’ve all been on that bad Zoom meeting where people are saying, ‘I can’t hear you, or I can’t see you that well, or how do I get into this meeting?’” says Josh Helgeson, Senior Account Executive for Avidex in Spokane. “These are just some of the problems we solve.”

The handiwork of Avidex is woven throughout the community in government facilities like Spokane Valley City Hall, public buildings like CenterPlace, and schools in the Central Valley School District. Expansion projects at venues like Manito Golf & Country Club, Northern Quest Resort and Casino, and the Spokane Airport have called upon Avidex to tackle their AV systems, while new venues like the Doris Morrison Learning Center and the Trailhead Golf Course in Liberty Lake will all feature the Avidex stamp.

“We focus on partnering with our clients to craft and create the best solution as an extension of their team by bringing in the expertise with our industry knowledge and experience,” Helgeson said. “Our additional offices in tech hubs like Seattle and Silicon Valley allow us the ability to tap into what trends ‘big tech’ are utilizing to help guide our local clients to better outcomes. Employers are trying to sort the most effective way to keep their workforce engaged in the ‘new normal,’ having good AV systems can play a large part of that solution.”

When the Spokane Library dove into renovations of four sites and construction of three new libraries, Avidex got the call. The Hive, just west of Spokane Valley at 2904 E. Sprague, built five dedicated meeting spaces available to the public free of charge. The first iteration of the rooms had speakers, projectors, and video routing systems, but during the pandemic, when hybrid meetings became common, the spaces lacked sufficient teleconference capabilities.

Enter Avidex to the rescue.

Avidex upgraded The Hive’s video teleconferencing for their five meeting spaces

The company worked with Tara Neumann, Spokane Public Library’s Community Technology Director, and the library’s IT team to come up with answers to The Hive’s video teleconferencing quandaries. Microphones and cameras with connections were added to ensure efficient conferencing over laptops. The new feature meant spaces throughout the site would function efficiently for in-person or virtual meetings.

“Avidex understands our requirements for seamless technology operation with little to no instruction for our users of all skill levels,” Neumann said. “Achieving this goal can be challenging but Avidex has proven to be an excellent partner in navigating the process.”

The Hive has hosted 1,400 events and meetings already this year.

“The space is actively used daily, and we are continually monitoring and making appropriate changes to the rooms to fit the community needs,” Neumann said. “No doubt the video teleconferencing solutions are a big part of what makes these spaces appealing to the community.”

Joya Child & Family Development, formally the Spokane Guilds’ School, moved into a new space in Spokane’s University District last May. Recognized as a Neurodevelopmental Center of Excellence, Joya provides care for families of children with developmental disabilities and delays, serving nearly 400 children in Spokane County each year.

With a goal of doubling its capacity, Joya envisioned the new facility fostering collaboration between staff, practitioners, and students. A large meeting space would serve as the catalyst for an enhanced level of teamwork. Avidex worked with the building design team at the start of the construction process to integrate the proper power and networking features.

“The challenge we initially had to overcome was the desire for the room setup to change depending on the meeting type,” Helgeson said.

Avidex came up with a flexible system that would accommodate a variety of room configurations, creating multiple presentation positions for laptops and dual 75-inch displays that could be viewed clearly throughout the room. A ceiling-mounted microphone, ceiling speakers, and a podium-mounted microphone were installed for a dynamic audio set-up. A dual camera system allows viewers to see both room participants and presenters easily.

“Avidex was insightful in helping us plan what kind of an AV environment we wanted for our organization,” said Joya Development Director Korin Michielli. “We have been able to have consistency with input and output audio, which is crucial to any virtual meeting. We have less time focused on troubleshooting virtual meeting AV issues, and users have a sounder experience with quality AV output.”

The Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce faced its own AV challenges after transitioning into a new home on Sprague Avenue in late 2020. With more meetings moving to a remote format, Chamber CEO Lance Beck understood that an effective system would be key to maintaining engagement with members, the board, and other partners.

An “all-in-one” teleconferencing unit was donated to the chamber with connection to a PC provided by Avidex along with video routing to a pair of 65-inch screens in the central meeting room.

“We tried to keep this solution simple, easy to use, and cost-effective to start and get an idea of how much the room would be utilized,” Helgeson said. “This solution provides good video for both in-room users as well as video teleconferencing participants to stay engaged during meetings.”

The trio of projects – and the innovations featured in each approach – epitomize a slogan on the Avidex website, describing a team that is “passionate about delivering collaborative audio-visual solutions to enhance the way we work, learn and live.”

Learn more about how Avidex can give you clear AV here.


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