Chamber’s update on Spokane Valley City Council Meeting

July 12, 2018

Your Chamber’s Advocacy Department attends City Council and County Commissioner meetings and provides summaries to give members updates on business and transportation-related conversations happening in local government.

Spokane Valley City Council Meeting

July 10, 2018

Motion Consideration for Economic Analysis of Tourism Venues
Working towards the City’s Comprehensive Plan goals for tourism, Staff and Council went through a list of City and County-owned facilities to select a few venues and projects to prioritize for event attraction and increase tourism. Council identified CenterPlace Regional Event Center and its lawn expansion project, the creation of a new sport complex, and the Fairgrounds as their three priorities for event attraction to boost tourism. Council approved a motion for staff to pursue the lawn expansion at CenterPlace, looking in to the creation of a new sports complex in Spokane Valley, and to begin event attraction for CenterPlace and the Fairgrounds.
Report: Sharp Decline in Utility Tax Revenue
A comparison of annual revenue from the City of Spokane Valley’s Utility Tax in 2018 to its first year in 2009 shows nearly 40% reduction in revenue for the City.
Transportation Project Funding Updates
City staff asked Council for permission to pursue Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) grants for the following projects: University Road preservation, a new sidewalk and drainage systems on Adams Road, and intersection improvements at Sprague-Barker.
University Road (*40% City Match, $1.25 million)
*Staff and Council will have more discussions  about potentially lowering the City’s match  request.
Adams Road (20% City Match, $100,000)
Sprague-Barker (20% City Match, $320,000)
Euclid Avenue Preservation Project (Sullivan to Flora)
This preservation project has a $1.5 million price tag and will be funded by the City of Spokane Valley. The plan is to grind and add a 2” overlay, with construction planned to take place in October.
Staff will return to Council on July 24th to present bid options.

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