Joint Chamber Business Resource Call 6-18-2020

June 19, 2020
Graphic for Joint Chamber Small Business Resource Call

Thank you to all of our presenters on the call.

Questions Directed at Washington Retail Association

Q: Are these instructions and guidelines to be implemented for essential businesses which have been open during this pandemic? 

  • A: Yes, they recommend it be applied to all open businesses.  

Q: If you are not a retailer does the 30% occupancy apply? 

  • A: There are different occupancy levels for different types of businesses. Check out this document for occupancy requirements on p.8  

Questions Directed at Small Business Administration

Q: For a new PPP loan application to be approved by the SBA by June 30th, when should the lender submit it? 

  • A: Make sure that the application to the lender is turned in the previous week to give the lenders as much as time as possible.  

Q: Can a borrower who applied prior to June 5, and chooses the 24-week covered period, apply before the end of their covered period, if they’ve used all of the funds early? 

  • A: Yes, AbsolutelyThe SBA recommends the sooner the better.  

Q: Will the EIDL Cash Advance Open back up to small businesses who already received a cash advance in the 1st round but receive less than the $10,000 max? or open up for businesses to reapply even if they did receive the max to get them through the next season? 

  • A: They recommend calling the Customer Service Center number is 800-659-2955.  they are on it 24 hours a day and so late and early calls are advised.  Also, you should ask for Tier Two for more complex questions.Tell them that you missed the cash advance box the last time around.  

Q: We have heard from a few companies who applied for EIDL, but didn’t think they were eligible for PPP because they were sole proprietorships, etc. Or got early advice from a lender that they weren’t eligible. What should they do? 

  • A: You can have both an EIDL and PPP, if you have already received the EIDL then by all means go to your lender and apply for the PPP.  The PPP still has 130 billion dollars left.  

Q: If applicants are denied because of either poor credit rating and/or record of a loss in the business, what options are available to them?  

  • A: In those cases they should submit a request to the reconsideration center at this email address By sending a succinct and focused email we have had some success in reconsideration. 

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