Joint Chamber Small Business Resource Call 5-21-2020

May 22, 2020
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Thank you to all of our presenters on the call.

Questions Directed to Spokane Regional Health District

Q: Are you comfortable moving to stage 2 at this time? 

  • A: The SRHD is comfortable moving to stage 2 at this time, although they want to make sure this is done right so that we don’t run the risk of sliding back into Phase 1 if cases start going up again.   

 Q: As we enter Phase 2, should we still be encouraging/requiring telecommuting? What about Phase 3? 

  • A: The SRHD suggests continuing to use telework where it is possible.  In cases where it is not possible, SRHD suggests referring to the guidelines the state has set regarding your industry. If the state guidelines have not been set out clearly for your industry, refer to the best practices of others and implement those guidelines.  

 Q: As a business, what’s the best way to coordinate with SRHD if we find an employee becomes infected with COVID-19? 

  • A: If the employee was tested through a lab or a clinic then their positive results will come to SRHD.  They will follow up with that employee to stay isolated and to help with essentials like food and healthcare. They would do Contact investigation, including with the workplace.  Anyone in contact would have to quarantine for 14 days. Number for SRHD contact team?  

Q: As a senior and community center it would assist us if we had an idea of where we fit in either phase 3 or 4 and if there is funding available to assist non-profits in purchasing PPE and screens. 

  • A: The senior and community centers are not specifically called out in the Governor’s phases.  The SRHD suggests referring to the section of the plan that indicates the number of people that are allowed to gather together. Phase 3 is gatherings of no more than 50 and also includes “all other businesses not listed” in other phases.   

 Q: Are you aware of the where the additional 13 cases came from?  

  • A: The SRHD has said that 7 of those cases came from a workplace outbreak.   

Q: Has the Governor set out case number guidelines for moving into Phase 3 and 4?  

  • A: As of right now there are no guidelines for moving to Phase 3.  

Q: If an employee tests positive for COVID, as business owners, do we begin the contact tracing procedure, or do we rely on SRHD and the county officials to do that?  How do you suggest we work with the privacy concerns in that case?  

  • A: SRHD will begin, and conduct, contact tracing.  Business owners will be contacted by SRHD during their process of contact tracing. Additionally, They do have to follow HIPPA guidelines, and they will not share the information of the employee that has been infected.  

Q: Is there funding available to support businesses and non-profits in purchasing the PPE recommended by the Health Department? And guidelines on what they are?  

  • A: There will be a portal through AWB that will connect businesses to PPE suppliers.  We are continuing to try and find solutions for businesses to find and connect to sources of PPE.  

Q: On the recommendation on masks, will that be pulled back for phase 3 or phase 4 or when?  

  • A: The recommendation from SRHD to wear masks wouldn’t be pulled back while social distancing is still encouraged 

Q: Businesses who want to provide testing as a return to work policy, how do you recommend they go about that?  

  • A: You can contact the sales department of Incyte or a similar company and they will facilitate testing with a 3rd party physician or an employees individual physician.   

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