Joint Chamber Business Resource Call 6-4-2020

June 5, 2020
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Thank you to all of our presenters on the call.

Questions & Answers

Q: If I was a victim of unemployment fraud identity theft, how do I regain control of my state employment account? 

  • A: The recommendation of ESD is to report this fraud via this website:  Once you or your employee have reported the fraud, then ESD can resolve it as soon as possible.  They are currently backlogged and are hiring more employees to remedy that.   

Q: Do our employees have to wear face masks when interacting with clients if they are behind plexiglas and are safe distanced? 

  • A:  This would be an appropriate barrier for interaction with a client.  However the employer needs to also consider where other employees are behind the counter to ensure social distancing. The important thing is to ensure the barriers prevents droplet transmission and covers the employees breathing zone.

Q: We have had fraud claims, but in June some will be legit. How to reconcile?  

Q: Please advise what is being done to improve phone access to ESD, as we just get the “We’re sorry” recording and it hangs up. 

  • A: ESD is currently in the midst of ramping up their staff in several departments in order to keep up with the increased demand that they are experiencing.   

Q: How do we clear up a fraud claim for an employee who now needs to file a legitimate claim? 

Q: Can you confirm that only the employee OR the employer need to report a fraudulent claim – not both. 

  • A: Just one of them needs to report it  

Q: When you have a fraudulent claim made on your account how do we get the info to you.  I have tried by phone, by fax and have mailed warning. 

Q: There seems to be a lot of frustrations with filing or receiving benefits. Have you hired additional staff for processing all these issues and phone coverage.. 

  • A: ESD is ramping up staff in several departments in order to try and keep up with the increased demand.  

Q: how does a fraud victim regain control of their online employment account? 

Q: How does a fraud victim regain control of their online employment account?  I cannot access my SAW account due to fraudulent activity.  Someone else used my identity to create an account with an email address that is not mine.  The email address is the only way to reset a password and reset the account.  I reported the fraud as required via the ESD website and additionally to FTC and Spokane Crime Check.  I also locked my credit accounts via the credit bureaus, and contacted fraud specialists through Lifelock.  When will I know that ESD has followed up on my fraud report and allow me to once again access my SAW account? 

  • A: If that has occurred, then the agency has been informed and we will have to wait for the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) to act upon the information. However, if you have a name and claim ID, I can forward an additional request to OSI to have them look into the matter. 

Additional Tools Referenced on the Call

How to protect yourself from Unemployment Fraud


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