Legacy of Leadership awarded at Annual Meeting

December 4, 2017

The Greater Spokane Valley Chamber is proud to recognize an outstanding leader annually, whose dedication and tireless efforts have made a significant impact on this Chamber and businesses in our region with our Legacy of Leadership Award. With this special award, the Valley Chamber honors recipients on a perpetual plaque in our office, recognizing the ‘legacy of leadership’ that has made this Chamber flourish.
For the first time in our Legacy of Leadership history, and in no particular order, our Chamber has added two outstanding servants to our Legacy of Leadership plaque.
This year’s recipients were recognized at the 2017 Annual Meeting, ‘Cleared for Takeoff’ on November 17, at Mirabeau Park Hotel:
Tom Johnson, STCU
Denny York, Fairmount Memorial Association
Our sincere appreciation to both of them for the impact their leadership has made in the Greater Spokane Valley.


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