Spokane Valley Chamber Rebrand

October 28, 2014
With a culmination of efforts by our marketing committee and the generosity of Itron, our new brand has arrived!
Earlier in 2014, a powerful marketing committee came together to begin the work of rebranding the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce.  Though the professionals at Itron further developed the messaging points, brand colors, and logo redesign; there were many pros from our membership involved in the original concepts.
Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Public Affairs, Sharelynn Moore, Itron
Vice President – Marketing, Brian Grytdal, Horizon Credit Union
Vice President – Marketing, Barb Richey, STCU
Chairman of the Board, Barry Baker, Baker Construction and Development Inc.
Past Chair, John Guarisco, MDI Marketing
Representing our Chamber during the process were President & CEO (at the time), Eldonna Shaw, and Communications Coordinator, Anita Cramer.
As the group did their magic, three main messaging points evolved and became our tagline:
Here’s the short description of what it means.
CONNECT. Connecting people.
EMPOWER. Sharing knowledge.
INNOVATE. Fostering innovation.
Through the generosity of Sharelynn Moore and her team at Itron, the rebranding was further developed into the strong messaging that appears on the home page of our website.  The fresh brand colors and vibrant new logo were also created by her team:
Stacy Destito, Marketing Operations Manager, Itron
‎Robert Fitzner, Art Director, Itron
Michelle Jung, Online Marketing Manager, Itron
The team wanted to provide a refreshed logo without deviating too far from the original, out of respect for the 90+ years our Chamber has been working for the community.  The design of the logo mimics a valley and a river like the previous one did, but is updated for the present.  The colors are fresh and new for this new chapter in our history.
The new website was put together with help from the original designer, Mary Lefkowski, Fusion Web & Graphics, and Jason Galloway, Horizon Credit Union.  When it came time to launch, Jennifer Ferrero, Switch Up Web & Marketing and her team helped make that happen.
We are in the process of having a new sign installed in our office with the new logo.  Dave Quinn, Walls That Talk, will make and install the sign to match our new branding.
What an exciting process this rebranding has been!  We appreciate the help of so many members who have invested in its successful launch.

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