Spokane Valley City Council Update

June 8, 2018

June 5th, 2018
Spokane Valley City Council Update
The June 5th meeting of City Council in Spokane Valley saw three significant action items and the discussion of an important intersection improvement project in the pipeline for the City and County.
The first item was Resolution 18-002, the presentation of the final product of staff’s 2019-2024 Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP). This plan contains nearly 30 transportation-related projects that the City hopes to begin during the 2019-2024 window, including big projects like a Pines/BNSF Grade Separation. After a review of some significant bridge, intersection, pavement, and trail improvement projects, Council approved the plan.
Next, Council heard the first reading of Proposed Ordinance 18-012, which would allow for Hotels and Motels to be built in zones designated for industrial use in the City of Spokane Valley. Council approved the decision to further review this consideration at a future meeting.
The final action item of the evening was presented by Community & Public Works staff, and this was a request for Council approval to submit an application for the BUILD grant (formerly TIGER) for the Pines/BNSF grade separation project. This grade separation project is classified as an urban project, and while the BUILD program has $1.5 billion available for eligible transportation projects, only 1/3 of that total is available for urban projects, so the City may have to adjust their ask to make it more competitive for this federal grant program. Understanding the importance of this project and the need to start getting more funds to allocate to this project, Council approved the request of staff to pursue a grant from BUILD.
The final topic before the executive session was a discussion of the planned intersection improvement project at the intersection of Sullivan – Wellesley, between East Valley Middle and High Schools. At the moment, there are two proposed alternatives for improving the level of service at this intersection, which is currently rated as an F, and can be improved to a low or high B, depending on if the City plans to proceed by implementing a roundabout or signalized intersection – staff recommends the latter. Council will review developments in the project at their July 3rd meeting.
Kieran Sprague
Advocacy & Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce


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