Strategic and Transportation Planning in Liberty Lake

June 21, 2018

On Tuesday, June 19th,  the citizens of Liberty Lake got the opportunity to hear from City Council and staff about the preliminary draft of their Transportation Improvement Plan (T.I.P.). This plan includes a detailed outline of all desired transportation projects the City hopes to begin or complete during a 6-year window. Of the City of Liberty Lake’s plans for 2019-2024, their big items include a widening of the Harvard Rd. bridge over I-90, a Henry Rd. overpass, and numerous intersection improvements on Country Vista that could bring more roundabouts to the area.

Liberty Lake T.I.P. Timeline:

August 21st – Staff will present draft T.I.P. to Council

September 4th – Public hearing for amended T.I.P.

September 18th – Council will adopt their T.I.P.


Kieran Sprague, Advocacy & Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce

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