The BIG 5 Movement continues to grow

August 4, 2017
In July, President & Chief Executive Officer, Katherine Morgan, traveled to Nashville, TN, for the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives National Convention. At a special session during the convention, Ms. Morgan told the story of the BIG 5 with original creator, VP of Strategic Initiatives, Scott Hall, of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. Their talk was entitled, ‘The Big 5 – A 21st Century Community Leadership Model for Chambers of Any Size.’
The goal was to share the story of how a major metro chamber reinvigorated its position of civic leadership and how a small chamber became a rapidly growing, financially strong, community leader, both by doing the same thing – addressing their region’s five biggest opportunities head on. The session was tailored to chambers of all sizes and with varying resources, giving a road map with translatable, scalable skills and tools that empowered them as Chambers to be the community leaders necessary to remain relevant.
“It is an exciting time in our nation for chambers to convene our community thought leaders to further growth and prosperity. It was inspiring to meet, learn, and uncover the opportunities and the pathways “The BIG 5″ could offer countless others around the nation and we are so honored to share our knowledge to further this movement,” said Katherine Morgan, President & Chief Executive Officer, Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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