Graze Craze Wins President’s Award

July 27, 2023
Graze Craze Award

“There’s something special going on in Spokane Valley with Graze Craze.”

In just seven months, Cindy Rice, the franchise owner of Graze Craze in Spokane Valley, won the President’s Award from Graze Craze.

“We got a call in June congratulating us and explaining that we earned the President’s Award,” Cindy said. “And to make it even more special, the President would be flying up here from Florida today to give us the award.”

“There’s something special going on in Spokane Valley with Graze Craze,” Cory Hibbard, President of Graze Craze, said. “It felt like an obvious choice with Cindy and Alan Rice. They’re constantly being creative and thinking outside the box.”

The typical Graze Craze franchise looks more like a Domino’s Pizza, with a kitchen in the back and no seating. That’s a stark contrast to the modern building design and dining space the Spokane Valley location has.

“We were the first franchise to have a location that offered indoor seating and beer on tap,” Cindy said. “This allowed us to host baby showers, bridal showers, retirement parties, networking events, wine tastings, and charcuterie classes. It’s been really fun for us.”

Graze Craze, Inc. was founded in 2018 and has grown to over 60 locations in the past few years. “We’ll open a new Grace Craze around the country every week for the remainder of the year, and we don’t really see it slowing down,” Cory said. 

Cindy and Cory both pointed to their involvement in the Chamber as a huge part of their business’s success. 

“We need to make sure that we’re on people’s radar and they’re aware of us,” Cory said. “So it’s vital for us, especially in the early years, to have the support and the infrastructure that you get out of the Chamber to open those doors and have those conversations that really help build the community.”

“The Chamber has been huge in our success,” Cindy said. “Right before we opened, I called the Valley Chamber office and signed up that night. We’re connected with people almost on a weekly basis because of Chamber member referrals.”


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