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December 5, 2023
LED Lights

OEO Leverages Avista Programs to Provide Free LED Lights for Businesses

During this holiday season, shoppers will cascade into retail stores in record numbers. But a deal for businesses that could save them thousands of dollars a year? That opportunity comes from OEO Energy Solutions, which continues to offer FREE LED lighting upgrades to their business customers with the help of Avista’s lucrative energy-saving rebates. This ongoing collaborative effort aims to promote energy efficiency and cost savings for businesses. Since the launch of this program, we have been interested in its success for the program’s earliest adopters.

In 2021, the Post Falls School District faced the dual challenge of cost-cutting and updating outdated lighting systems across multiple schools. Avista and OEO stepped in with a solution, shining a light on the benefits of LED lights and the significant rebate coverage offered through their program. According to Adam Lundwall from the Post Falls School District, “Working with Avista and OEO has been great. Both have made this process very easy for us. The energy savings have certainly impacted our district, and the reduced maintenance has enabled our team to focus our time on other projects.” The switch to LED lights was made possible with $90,800 in rebates, and going forward the estimated annual savings is over $41,000.

Jeff Henry, owner of 4 Season’s Coffee, also praised the program in a previous profile of OEO. Since switching to LED lights, Henry reported a 25% decrease in energy costs, a significant number that has a tangible impact on his business’s monthly expenses. He expressed his gratitude, stating, “We’re very thankful for this program and the savings we’ve seen and have been able to invest those savings into our business.”

“We’re ecstatic when we see people using less energy and getting better results, especially when our programs have helped them get there,” said Rachelle Humphrey, Senior Energy Efficiency Program Manager at Avista. “We’ve touted the benefits of LEDs and offered cash-back lighting rebates for years, but there are still plenty of commercial buildings using old lights. When contractors and vendors like OEO make it easy and affordable for customers to upgrade their equipment, more people participate and experience the benefits of energy efficiency.”

Program Details:

OEO Energy Solutions is providing businesses with free LED 4′ Tubes, Warehouse, and Outdoor Lights, thanks to Avista’s money-saving rebates. Humphrey said, “It’s really a win-win. Every building has lights that use energy, so choosing ones that use less makes sense.” To take advantage of the program, businesses must have an Avista Business account, and the number of lights ordered should not exceed the number currently in use. By leveraging Avista’s energy-saving rebate program, OEO ensures that businesses receive the lights at no cost.

The collaboration between Avista and OEO Energy Solutions offers businesses an excellent opportunity to embrace energy efficiency and reduce operating costs through the use of LED lights. By participating, businesses can benefit from free LED lights, resulting in substantial energy savings. This initiative not only allows businesses to experience the financial advantages of reduced energy consumption but also contributes to a more sustainable future.

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