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July 14, 2023
AdLocal Value

ADLocal Value puts a creative spin on advertising

A new Inland Northwest company is out to change the way businesses engage with their customers – one TV screen at a time.

ADLocal Value (ALV) incorporated last March with a goal of “helping businesses reach new markets and become a neighborhood name through locally displayed advertising.”

CEO & Co-Founder, Susan Schuler said ALV – which bills itself as “a new and innovative digital signage” – is breaking the mold.

“We want you to feel like you are part of our team and for us to feel like we are part of your team. We don’t take a sales approach because we’re not transactional. We are about partnerships and relationships,” she said.

ALV’s innovative approach utilizes local televisions to help boost and promote local businesses.  This is achieved through their “flagship carousel,” which entertains and informs customers on screens of waiting rooms where captive audiences view material characterized by educational content, light-hearted humor, interesting facts, and historical figures along with business ads that highlight local and regional businesses.  High-traffic venues – such as medical and dental offices, gyms, etc. – are ideal for the approach.

Unlike the revolving assortment of horses, tigers, and lions at Riverfront Park, this carousel serves as an entertaining diversion that promotes local companies.

The carousels run on existing televisions at what ALV calls “Host” locations. Hosts want their patients or customers to have a more enjoyable waiting room experience in addition to supporting local businesses.  There is never a competitive business ad playing at the Host location. Carousels may be customized to accommodate special circumstances or requirements if possible. Hosts have the option of providing screens without being advertisers. 

“It gives businesses a different way to expand their brand recognition and grow their bottom line,” Schuler said. “I think a lot of business owners are trying so hard and spending so much of their time trying to get from the struggling stage into the thriving stage that there just isn’t enough time, money or bandwidth to do anything else.  As entrepreneurs we are wired to do good in our communities, but if we are struggling that can’t happen.  We hope that our offering and partnership will help more businesses get to that thriving stage so we can all go and do great things in our communities.”


Spokane attorney Gordon R. Stoa saw a 64-percent jump in web traffic after signing on with ALV.

“Other than colleague and client referrals, there is simply no explanation as to that increase other than my exposure on the ALV network,” Stoa said.

At KiDDS Dental in Liberty Lake, Dr. Jared Evans said the carousel feature has been a hit.

“My office has really enjoyed ADLocal Value in our waiting area. It’s a children’s office, and I’ve had parents prefer staying in the waiting room to keep watching this. I know my business is getting promoted as well as yours. It is so engaging and fun. I highly recommend you try this as part of your local advertising strategy.”

Tanya Smith, whose child is a patient at KiDDS, told Schuler that she had just been to the dental office and loved the carousel. 

“Waiting at the doctor is always a little boring,” Smith said. “It was refreshing to have something to look at and keep my mind occupied besides my phone.”

“Hearing those success stories is heartening,” Schuler said. “We’re able to provide real-life examples of people experiencing the value of utilizing our advertising platform. 

In addition to the Spokane & Kootenai areas, ALV has plans to expand to the Western Montana, Moses Lake, Tri-Cities, Moscow and Lewiston areas later in 2023 with a goal to expand or franchise nationally in the next year or two.

“We’re really focusing on the exposure a business gets for the price compared to other advertising,” Schuler said.

ADLocal Value is focused on acquiring high-traffic Host locations who would like to increase the value of the televisions, improve their waiting room experiences and support ‘local.’ 

Schuler brings an extensive background in management and leadership to ALV, including a tenure as Managing Partner and Head of Financial Services for Findex when she lived in New Zealand. She has also served as a project manager and operations manager for various companies and was a member of the Liberty Lake City Council in the mid-2000s.

CTO & Co-Founder, Daniel Black writes and maintains the technology stack that ALV utilizes.  Daniel graduated from NMIT in Nelson New Zealand and enjoys reading, programming and tinkering with the latest innovations in technology.

In the spirit of ALV’s tagline – “Locals Helping Locals” – Schuler says the company is committed to a larger goal of “making the community better.”

“When we’re struggling at a personal level or business level, we don’t have the bandwidth to do things that matter,” she said. “Everyone talks about wanting to do good in the world, but few people actually do it. Organically, we want to lift everyone up, and therefore, we can say, ‘We’re now thriving; what can we do to make a difference’ and actually do it.”

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