Meet the Member – Fabulous Copy by Craig Grossman

January 19, 2023

Craig Grossman is a ‘jack of all trades’ in the world of business writing. He calls himself a copywriter, content creator, brand narrative strategist, and a marketing audit specialist.

His writing business is named Fabulous Copy by Craig Grossman. He uncovered this name a bit by chance. In March 2020, when Craig started his venture, he looked for a suitable website domain name for the business. He couldn’t believe his eyes when discovering that ‘’ wasn’t already taken…so he jumped on it. It reminded him of a good friend who used to exclaim, “It’s FABULOUS, just FABULOUS!” when she was particularly pleased with the local ski conditions, or what she had for dinner last night.

Copywriting Was Not His First Career

Craig became a copywriter in a sort of roundabout way. He grew up in a family-owned manufacturing business in Spokane called United Paint & Coatings. With the company’s help, he earned a Marketing degree at Arizona State University. The plan was to join the 3rd generation (along with his two brothers) in managing United but a severe recession in the 80s derailed that plan. Craig left the business within a year after working full-time in the National Marketing Department due to the aftermath of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Craig experimented with different sales jobs and worked in the self-help industry for a time. He eventually found a niche selling chocolates, gourmet foods, and giftware to retail stores throughout the Northwest. Craig named it Evergreen Fancy Foods, Inc. He grew the business from nothing to over $2 million in annual sales with the help of  five sales reps and a full-time office manager.

However, about six years ago, it was time for a change. “I had been working the business doing virtually the same actions for 25 years. I was ready for a new challenge and a bigger game to play.”

 Craig had been doing some writing already. He helped his suppliers with suggestions for packaging, design, and label copy that would stand out on retailers’ shelves better.  He also wrote promotional emails asking for his suppliers’ help with trade show costs.

When Craig discovered that clients would pay him to write business content and sales copy, he knew this was for him. So he sold Evergreen in January of 2020 – which was excellent timing.

Certifications and Skills

Craig is now a certified SEO, UX (User Experience), and Sales Enablement Copywriting Specialist.

The SEO training helps him find the right keywords, so clients’ web pages will rank high in Google search engine results. Meaning they’ll get found more easily on the internet. UX copywriting is all about creating the best user experience possible, so visitors will stay on a client’s website longer – and take the next step in their buying journey. And Sales Enablement helps companies with sales teams. For this, Craig creates sales templates and documents, assisting the salespeople to become more efficient and close more sales.

In early 2022, Craig became a certified StoryBrand Marketing Guide. People are wired to love stories, and StoryBrand uses the elements of timeless stories to create more compelling brand narratives. Craig uses the StoryBrand formulas to help his clients invite potential customers into their story, by showing how they solve their customer’s issues. He explains, “Many small businesses try to be the ‘hero’ by making their content all about them but it’s much more effective for them to be the ‘guide’ and guide their customers into becoming ‘heroes’ by showing how they help their customers.”

Favorite Projects and Clients

So, what types of writing projects does Craig enjoy? “My current favorite project is writing the copy for web pages, especially the Home and About Us pages. This could be for a new website or a copy makeover. I use a specific StoryBrand process to make these web pages more interesting and dynamic.”

Other projects include blog articles, promotional emails, sales pages/letters, testimonials, case studies, video scripts, e-newsletters, and social media posts.

Craig considers himself a “generalist” rather than a specialist with a specific industry niche. Some industries he’s written for include financial planning, real estate, warehousing & shipping, automotive, aging, self-help, natural foods, a SaaS company, business consultants, and even educational articles on how to be a better business writer.

A good example of Craig’s writing that he’s particularly proud of is a lead-generating e-book he wrote for his website, It’s called “What’s Missing From Your Website? 12 Rookie Mistakes – And How To Fix Them” You can view this here.

Craig’s Newest Skill

The newest addition to Craig’s writing repertoire is helping organizations with a Marketing Diagnostic and Roadmap to Success. It’s an in-depth look at their website, social media, blogs, emails, podcasts, sales materials, and other marketing assets. After Craig’s analysis, a Google Slides report reveals what’s working and what isn’t in the company’s marketing and includes suggestions for improvements.

Craig exclaims, “It’s just another way I can help businesses to become more successful – with better writing!”

Learn more about Fabulous Copy by Craig Grossman here.


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