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April 25, 2024
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Beyond the Tint: The Story of Spokane Sunscreen's Community Impact

Next time you spot a Spokane Valley Police Vehicle or Sheriff’s Department Vehicle, take a moment to appreciate the work of Spokane Sunscreen. They’re responsible for the vehicle wraps and window tinting on 500-600 police vehicles annually. Surprisingly, cars account for just a third of their business.

Behind the Tint

Spokane Sunscreen has been a family-owned business since 1949, celebrating 75 years of business! In 2019, they expanded their existing facility, doubling its size, and completed a full remodel of their showroom, graphics department, and installation center. Now, their 10,000+ square foot “Super Shop” accommodates their wide range of specialties: Residential, Commercial, Automotive, RV, and Boat Tinting, Transitioning Films, Safety & Security Films, Anti-Graffiti Films, Decorative Films, Smart Films, Ceramic Paint Protection Film, Wraps, Decals, Printed Signs & Banners, and Perforated Signs, among others. Yet, what most people might not guess is that more than 60% of their business comes from tinting commercial and residential windows, not cars.

“We were at the Home and Yard Show earlier this year, and it was eye-opening to see how many people were unaware of our services beyond auto tinting,” said owner Rick Johnson.   The benefits of window tinting for residential homes, such as energy efficiency savings, glare, and increased safety—especially for homes with large windows—are often overlooked. Spokane Sunscreen’s services enhance both the aesthetics and the energy efficiency of your home or office.

“When people design their homes, they often opt for big floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize natural light,” Johnson explained. “However, they soon realize the cost of heating and cooling these homes. That’s when they turn to us. Our tint is virtually invisible, so they can enjoy their view without the inside of their house overheating from the natural sunlight.”

Beyond Automotive: Winning the Trust of Local Businesses

Spokane Sunscreen’s work extends beyond the average customer. Their high-quality services are visible in renowned businesses such as The Bank of America Building, The Washington Trust Building and Tower, The Nike Store, The Lego Store, and more. Window tinting for businesses is not just about privacy; it’s also about energy efficiency and safety. Nearly every pharmacy and school in the region has relied on Spokane Sunscreen’s expertise, demonstrating their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

“We use a lot of clear safety film, which is shatter-resistant like a car’s windshield. If the glass breaks, it is held together by the heavy safety film, preventing shards of sharp glass from falling inwards, causing injury while slowing unwanted access into buildings or homes. Johnson added that this would also prevent outsiders from seeing inside if a tinted version was chosen, helping with “smash and grab” thieves seeing valuables. The window film used by Spokane Sunscreen blocks up to 84% of solar energy, insulates during winter, blocks 99.9% of UV rays protecting you and your furnishing’s, and reduces glare by up to 94%.

Spokane Sunscreen recently won the Eastman 2023 Elite Dealer of the Year Award, recognizing it as the West Coast’s largest dealer of Eastman Performance Films products. Rick Johnson noted, “We tint about 20 cars per day. Our work is renowned not just for tints but also for custom wraps and graphics.”

Honoring Heroes

Rick Johnson is particularly proud of a project for fallen officers. “We wrapped a memorial/tribute car (End of Watch) for the Liberty Lake Police Department that resembles a granite headstone on the hood,” he said. “It features a bronze plaque that says ‘the Name and EOW date for the fallen Law Enforcement Officer,’ with a waving American flag down the sides of the vehicle for law enforcement. What’s special about the plaques on the hood is that we make extras for the families of the officers who want them for their vehicles. We have probably made four dozen plaques now, but what they represent is truly amazing.”

Elevate Your Environment

Spokane Sunscreen stands out as the premiere leader in vehicle wraps and window tinting and as a pivotal partner in the Greater Spokane Valley community through its commitment to enhancing public safety, energy efficiency, and appeal for both residential and commercial spaces and its dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. 



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