Appleway Business Park

February 22, 2022
Appleway Business Park 3

The Appleway Business Park, located on the east end of Sprague in between Sullivan and Barker, is a dream coming to life for Scott Grimmett, Owner of Two Way Holdings. The business park features built-to-suit commercial and industrial buildings. Currently, the business park has two organizations: Racom and the newly built Grace Church. 

Two Way Holdings did not start out as a commercial real estate developer. It began about 15 years ago as Industrial Communications, a two-way radio company, providing two-way radios for the police and fire departments. Grimmett sold Industrial Communications to Racom in 2108 which was the catalyst to start Two Way Holdings and their Appleway Business Park.

“Along the way, I acquired the building and the land next door for the business and to facilitate Industrial Communications’ growth,” Grimmett said. “When I sold the two-way radios company to Racom, I kept all the real estate. It was always a dream of mine to have real estate investments – I just never thought I would get there.”

Grimmett said that part of the agreement when selling Industrial Communications to Racom is that he would also build the company a new building that they could lease from him. That is what sparked the beginning of Appleway Business Park. Since then, Grimmett has also built a second new building in front of Racom which houses Grace Church.

The next step in the process is to expand and build two more buildings in the Appleway Business Park. “The plan was to build a second identical building like the Grace Church facility in the back of the property next to the Appleway Trail similar to Racom but there’s been a lot of people approaching me about building something a little bit different,” Grimmett said. “Our plan remains to build two more buildings in the future.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has not been easy for the construction and developer sectors. Early in the pandemic, Washington State guidelines shut down construction projects unless they were deemed essential. Grimmett had a hiccup in the construction of the Grace Church.

“Right as we got done tearing down the existing structure the state put all the restrictions in place,” Grimmett said. “So, I had torn down my old building and I didn’t have a contract to proceed. Nobody was building and nobody knew what the future was at that time, so I was a little scared.” 

The project was delayed about three months. In that time Grace Church had proceeded with a contract and Grimmett was ready to go. “I got a jump right at the beginning of construction opening back up,” Grimmett said. “We were fortunate to have builders right at the start, whereas now it would be really hard to get going.”

The church is now completely finished and holding services. They are already over the initial number of attendees they were anticipating. The Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting for the new Grace Church back in March. Ribbon cuttings are a way for the Chamber to help celebrate and promote growth in the Spokane Valley. 

The Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce has the five key initiatives known as ‘the Big 5’ that nurture community vitality and stimulate economic prosperity in the Greater Spokane Valley region. Our Greater Vision initiative focuses on building an enterprising identity for the Greater Spokane Valley region. 

Grimmett said he would really like to see Spokane Valley continue to develop near Barker Rd and Sprague Ave. His vision is to see that area make a name for itself like the U-City area and Mirabeau Park. 

“I would also like to see the trail and parks expanded,” Grimmett said. “I want Spokane Valley to keep the hometown feel. The Valley is my home, and overall, it’s just such a great place to be.”


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