Blissful Whisk – Business Spotlight

February 22, 2022
blissful whisk

The Blissful Whisk, a bakery in Spokane Valley, offers delicious pastries cookies, scones, muffins, cupcakes, cake pops, cakes, coffee, tea and so much more. Owner, Tiffany Cable, has been baking for most of her life. When her daughters went off to college, they encouraged her to go to pastry school.

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, and they encouraged me to go to pastry school,” Cable said. “I decided if I could get through pastry school and still want to bake every day after that I would try and open a bakery and I did.”

Only a year old, The Blissful Whisk, opened its doors on May 28th, 2019 to serve the Greenacres Neighborhood on the corner of Mission and Barker. 

“I live in the area and the corner lot was empty and for sale for a long time, so I told myself if it was still for sale after I graduated that I would try to buy the lot,” Cable said. “A month before I graduated the dentist next door bought the lot, so I convinced him to let me partner with him.”

The name of the bakery came from a whisk that Cable found at a reclaimed furniture store on the Oregon coast. 

“The whisk was in the window and it was from the original bakery in Astoria, Oregon,” Cable said. “The baker had passed away and his wife donated it to the reclaimed furniture store, and they put the light in it so, it was like his light in the window. I bought it and I was kind of hoping he would follow me to the bakery and look over my shoulder to make sure I was doing things right.”

You can find the whisk today in the bakery behind the registers. 

Not only do they sell delicious pastries and coffee, The Blissful Whisk holds baking classes for people to learn how to bake and decorate. Cable said they have had a couple of homeschool programs come in but it’s mostly kids in the neighborhood that sign up for the baking classes. Anyone of any age can come and bake. 

“We’ve done some decorating classes and as things open back up again following COVID-19, I would like to do some actual baking classes that are more than just the decorating,” Cable said. “We would start from the very beginning and go all the way through the baking process.”

The Blissful Whisk is also on its way to holding High Tea events where people can gather and enjoy each other’s company while indulging in a three-course meal. 

“We were going to have the very first one just before they closed everything down for COVID-19, so we had to cancel,” Cable said, “but once things open back up again completely, we want to do one every month.” 

You can also rent out the space to hold your own special events like baby showers, birthday parties, and more. 

Due to the effects of COVID-19, Cable had to take a different approach when it came to her bakery. The Blissful Whisk started offering curbside pick-up because of the Stay Home Stay Healthy order and has recently allowed people to come into the bakery. The bakery also put out tables and chairs for people to come to enjoy their treats and hang out while maintaining a safe distance. In addition, the bakery did not have a website before closing its doors to the public. 

“My sister-in-law put together a website for me,” Cable said, “and that has really helped my business because people can order online.” 

Cable went from averaging about eight six-packs of cinnamon rolls a week to making 86 six-packs of cinnamon rolls a week from online orders. 

“I couldn’t make enough pre-orders to have some to sell to people who would just show up for our curbside service,” Cable said. “I just have to thank the community for that because it kept my business alive.”

Cable is very involved in our community. She makes treats for the teachers and schools in the area. Among other involvements, she volunteers at Sacred Heart as a NICU nanny. 

“I’m really active in the neighborhood,” Cable said, “and so I try and support that as much as I can.”

The Blissful Whisk is new to the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce. Cable said she joined the Chamber because she thinks it’s good to support businesses in the community and it’s a good way to network. 

“I’ve met a lot of nice people that are local business owners so it’s nice to talk to them about their same struggles and successes,” Cable said. “I’m very thankful for this community.”


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