Incyte Diagnostics – Business Spotlight

February 22, 2022
Incyte Diagnostics

Spokane Valley-based Incyte Diagnostics, a leader in pathology services since its founding in 1957, looks to continue expanding its offerings in the Pacific Northwest.

Initially, Incyte started to provide diagnostic pathology services in Eastern Washington and North Idaho, over the years the private company has grown to serve clients across Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Alaska.

“Our team of expert pathologists believes in a collaborative approach to patient care centered on outstanding quality diagnostics,” says Incyte’s chief operating officer, Gary Gemar.

Gemar says Incyte Diagnostics is primarily an anatomic pathology business, meaning it tests mainly tissue samples taken during surgeries or biopsies, in order to diagnose cancer, diseases, or infections.

Incyte’s laboratories provide testing of clinical specimens submitted from area clinicians, clinics, and hospitals, as well as those collected at Incyte Diagnostics’ patient service centers throughout their service areas.

Headquartered at 13103 E. Mansfield in Spokane, Incyte also has operations located in Bellevue, Spokane Valley, and Richland, including a new clinical lab facility that opened in March of 2020.

Gemar says the new clinical lab, which is located in a 13,000-square-foot facility at 15912 E. Marietta Avenue, expands the company’s capabilities to include clinical pathology or the testing of bodily fluids. 

Departments in the laboratory include chemistry; immunoassay; blood bank; immunology; hematology; urinalysis; coagulation; microbiology; and molecular.

“Testing includes everything from routine blood work to allergy, bacterial infections, prenatal screens, autoimmune disorders, hormonal imbalance, cancer, and infectious diseases,” he says.

In conjunction with the new clinical lab’s opening, Incyte Diagnostics also opened two new patient service centers in Spokane, and one in Liberty Lake. A fourth patient service center in nearby Hayden, ID was opened in June 2020.

Gemar says Incyte Diagnostics decision to open the new clinical lab, and patient service centers here was to meet the increasing demand for clinical testing services.

“Physician and hospital demand for timely testing services in this region were the main factor in our decision to expand in the Spokane region,” he says.

Gemar says the company plans to continue expanding its clinical testing capabilities throughout its five-state service area and could have between 10 and 15 new patient service centers established in the next five years.

“Continued expansion will of course depend on each territory’s needs,” he says. “It will take time too, as we’ll need to lease facilities, as well as remodel, furnish and staff them.”

Currently, Incyte Diagnostics employs 370 people including almost 50 pathologists with sub-specialty training in various fields.

In addition to services provided to physicians’ offices and clinics, Incyte Diagnostics contracts with hospitals to provide laboratory medical directorship and consultative services.

“Collaborations and partnerships are a key part of our business,” he says. “Providing medical directorships helps us build relationships with urban and rural hospitals and keeps us connected to regional health systems and their needs.”

Most recently, Incyte Diagnostics has been collaborating with area hospitals as well as the Spokane Regional Health District to provide a timely diagnosis of COVID-19.

Gemar says diagnostic testing for COVID-19 was added to the new clinical laboratory’s molecular department on April 29th, and antibody testing, which determines patients that have had COVID-19 infections, was put online on May 18th.

“We’re working to increase testing capacity to allow businesses, schools, universities, skilled nursing facilities, and healthcare facilities to test all their employees, students, and staff if they so desire,” he says.

Gemar says Incyte has been a member of the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber for over 50 years and supports its mission to strengthen the region’s economy, build relationships, and encourage community engagement.


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