Member Spotlight – Custom Fabrication Design

February 22, 2024

Crafting the Future: The Art and Innovation of Custom Fabrication Design

Tucked away in Liberty Lake, a metal fabrication company has been creating some of the most beautiful works of art. Since 2010, Custom Fabrication Design has blended artistic vision with engineering excellence. CFD is an organization that consistently delivers exceptional results by transforming challenging and intricate concepts into tangible, awe-inspiring realities. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, CFD has become a beacon of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in its field. The team at CFD has a remarkable ability to captivate the imagination with their work, creating experiences that go beyond expectations. It’s no wonder that CFD is widely recognized as a leader in its industry, as it continues to raise the bar with each project it undertakes.

Artistry Meets Engineering

Since 2010, CFD has been providing end-to-end custom metal solutions using natural raw steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and bronze. The CFD difference is their in-house team of designers, fabricators, and craftsmen who see each project through from conception to installation, leaving nothing to chance. “By having an in-house team so involved with the local architects and builders, we are better able to ensure that the finished product exceeds our customer’s expectations,” said Bob Wiese, President of CFD. 

From design to fabrication and installation, CFD works with local contractors and architects to ensure their customers’ products exceed expectations. Here’s how it works: CFD’s in-house designers create a 3-D model on the computer from the architect’s or client’s specifications so the client can see exactly what they should expect. Then, their legendary craftsmen bring that vision and design to life, creating magic. Finally, they deliver and install the product to ensure every part of the process meets their exacting standards.

The standards of CFD started with their founder, Neil Malam, and master craftsman and current operations manager, Drew Wallace, who created a look now referred to as “Neil Steel.” Through Neil’s finishing process, the metal is able to retain its look for years and requires less maintenance than traditional finishes. A process so unique and beautiful that it is difficult for others to replicate. Through this look and their end-to-end service, CFD ensures that every product is fabricated with full functionality and durability.

Unmatched Service

One of the benefits of doing business with CFD is their unmatched service. Their craftsmen are able to make sure everything fits, and if repairs are needed, wouldn’t you rather have the person who built your custom staircase be the one who repairs it if need be? Bob and Drew recalled when their team had to quickly drive down to Palo Alto, California, because the custom door they had built and shipped for others to install needed an adjustment to fit correctly.

“The client called us Friday afternoon and said one of the doors they later added wouldn’t close by the staircase because it was ⅜ of an inch too tall,” Bob said. “So we packed our bags and got in the car and were there working on it by Monday, and we were able to make it all work.”

Projects and Partners

CFD’s impressive portfolio of commercial and residential projects showcases its talents. Its work is the go-to for most new Gozzer Ranch and Black Rock homes. Bob said their custom barbecues, fire-pits, doors, and gates are a favorite. The uniqueness of their products lends a nod to the phase, ‘Seeing is believing.’ 

CFD is proud to be a preferred partner with many local architects and builders, such as Eric Hedlund Design, DZign Group Architecture, StanCraft Construction Group, Baker Construction, and Green Mountain Construction, to name a few. They have worked on commercial projects such as StanCraft Jet Center, Coeur d’ Alene National Reserve Clubhouse, Spokane Tribe Casino, and the Liberty Lake Trailhead Clubhouse.

Along with awe-inspiring fabrication, CFD is also a preferred manufacturer for their Liberty Lake neighbor, Seaview Global, creating metal communications towers for marine vessels, and Rocky Mountain Construction Company, making parts for a variety of the roller coasters they build in Hayden, Idaho.

It’s amazing that CFD can work on such a wide range of projects with such a (relatively) small team and never sacrifice their quality or service. “We could take on more projects and probably grow more,” Bob said. “But we must turn down projects occasionally when we know we cannot meet the demand and maintain the quality our clients expect. We continue to be proud of everything we have produced, and our team has agreed that quality is most important, not the number of projects we are involved with.”


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